The Ocean-TUNE UCLA testbed consists of the NS-3 based emulation system, the WaterCom lab testbed system, and the field testbed systems, which provides multiple experiment platforms facilitating various stages of underwater wireless network protocols and applications development and evaluation. Users can develop and debug their codes in emulation system, then use WaterCom lab testbed to do try-run test, and finally evaluate performance of their design in real environment on the field testbed systems. Moreover, operating systems on all these platforms are all branches of Debian, thus with the help of underwater networking protocol stack SeaLinx, source codes of protocols and applications can be directly migrant from one platform to another without any changes.

The control center of testbed systems hosts the user interface website of all systems. The emulation system, WaterCom lab testbed and remote control module of field testbed are all running on a server in lab. The overall architecture of the testbed systems is as follows: